MIHWA International Ballet

The goal is high!
Aim for the world!

Would you like to live your life as a ballerina?

The oldest professional schools of classical ballet are the Russian, French and Italian schools. Each has a deep and unique tradition of acting method, with different acting styles and movements that appear in the dance, artistic characteristics, and ethnic characteristics.

However, there is only one basis for dance in all these schools. The principle of dancing ballet is that the whole body is expressive, that is, the dance is alive.

The Russian Waganova Method , which I, Mika Iwamoto, taught, has a long history. This Russian Vaganova Mezot continues the traditional good parts of classical ballet. Its biggest feature is that it dances with the whole body.

The Russian Vaganova Mezot continues to maintain the tradition of the Russian classical school, while creating new things and improving the work every day according to the times.

It is this Vaganova method that has brought about great results among Russian methods, and has a strict and academic style. The movement itself is simple and light, but it is characterized by its internality that is not bound by the effect of the surface due to the movement hidden inside.

Mika International Ballet is a ballet class that offers the same lessons as the authentic Russian ballet school according to the Russian Vaganova Method.

Remote lesson

It is a ballet lesson through the screen. Students living all over Japan and overseas can also take this course.